hikarichandawn (hikarichandawn) wrote in dir_en_grey,

!WTB / !SS: TOUR15 Tshirt current EU Lives

I'm looking to buy one Tshirt from the current European TOUR15 The Unstoppable Life (the red x yellow x purple one) in Small, as seen here:


I was attending the Warsaw live but ended up not being able to buy it. I would be really grateful if anyone having a spare one for sale could let me know!

Also, even though it is a long shot, but maybe there is anyone here still attending a live who would be willing to grab one extra one at the merchstand for me?
Of course, shipping and any additional fee for the help would be mine to pay =) I can pay by PayPal in advance (right away). Shipping would be to Vienna, Austria.
I would be endlessly grateful if anyone could help me out!
Thanks a lot!!
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