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Selling 90% of my collection, more to come!!!
-Price lists below.
-Negotiable, especially if you buy multiple items.
Prices are in USD, not including shipping, and are located in the US but will ship anywhere.
-Payment via Paypal. 

-No Holds.
-I will take detailed pictures of any items by request. 
Most items (except the very old ones) are in mint condition, and have been stored in original wrappers. I will note the condition and any wear and tear when contacted about an item.
-Limited and special edition items are noted. If it is not noted then the item is a standard Japanese release.

This is not even close to the amount of stuff I actually have, its just taking me a long time to go through it. I heavily collected Dir en grey stuff during my 8 years in Japan and if you’re looking for something there is a good chance I have it so please contact me. I don’t know when I’ll get to unpacking everything so its faster to ask. Most things I have are releases, photobooks/pamphlets, shirts, towels, wristbands, magazines, tour merch, and rare items. Pretty much everything I have is prior to 2015. I also have some La Sadies, Kyo and Sukekiyo stuff.

Tour 08 The Rose Trims Again [2DVD+CD / Limited Edition] $50

Tour 05 It Withers and Withers [Limited Edition] $50


Tour12-13 In Situ-tabula Rasa [Limited Edition] $65

Tour13 Ghoul [Limited Edition] $65

Rinkaku [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] [Limited Pressing] $40

The Unraveling [2CD+DVD/Limited Edition] $60

Sustain the UNtruth [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] [Limited Pressing] $40

The Family Values Tour 2006 (Japanese Edition) $25

A Knot Of $20

TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol.1 [Europe & Japan] [3DVD/Limited Edition] $65

TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol.2 [U.S. & Japan] [3DVD/Limited Edition] $65

Arche [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] $65

Kimon $30

Decade 2003-2007 [Limited Release] $20

The Family Values Tour 2006 $15

embryo- $10

Macabre - $25

Taiyou no ao- $10

Myaku- $10

Glass Skin [Cardboard Sleeve] [Limited Edition] $12

Kai- $25


Saku- $10

Jessica- $10


Rinkaku [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]-$15

Different Sense [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]- $15

Lotus [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]- $15

Ryojoku no Ame [Limited Edition]- $12

The Marrow of a Bone [Limited Edition]- $25

SHANKARA (2 books version)- $55

Ware Photobook- $65

XX Photobook- $45

GiGS January 2013- $15

GiGS March 2011- $15

GiGS January 2010- $15

DIR EN GREY "AMON" [Book+CD+Poster]- $15

CD DATA Jan/Feb 2014- $15

FINAL 2003 5 Ugly KINGDOM-$45


Average Fury- $45

a knot Fanclub only DVDs

a knot LIMITED -2012.10.10 SHIBUYA-AX- -$135

It withers and withers-Bootlegged- -$70



Kyo Photobooks

Shikakku- $120

for the human race -$95

Kyo Poembooks

1st Poembook- $160

2nd Poembook - $100

Minerva- The Unraveling -$45

Minerva-Rinkaku- -$45

The unwavering fact of tomorrow Photobook- $25
Overseas Documentary GREED-$35

Ouroboros Photobook -$80

Dragon Fly-$35

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Hello everyone!

I chose to sell some stuff of my Dir en grey collection.
You will find CD's, DVD's and more.

Here's a little preview (Osaka Jo Hall).

 photo direngrey-johall_zps9e46fe76.jpg

If you're interested you can find my selling post over here.
I'm also selling a lot more from other bands and several magazines. Please have a look.
emo for my dear

The JRock Nostalgia Post

The JRock Nostalgia Post

If you miss the days when Jrock communities on livejournal were active, if you wonder what happened to your old fandom friend that you lost touch with, if you just MISS JROCK FANDOM then come on over to the JROCK NOSTALGIA POST. A free for all post where you can chat, catch up and reminisce. Current fans, Ex fans, old fans, new fans, all are welcome!

(X-posted to several places).
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Hey guys :D I decided to dissolve my whole JRock collection!!

None of these are fixed prices you still can bargain with me!
All items are in good condition, but please remember that some items are used. (Normal signs of use)
If there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me. :)
Shipping prices depend on what you want and where you live.
All items come from a non smoking household.

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Dir en Grey - TOUR04 The Code of Vulgar[ism] Initial Limited Version - 30€

I also sell a lot more items from various Bands like CD's and DVD's, Merchandise and so on over > here <.

Lovely Greetings

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Want to buy and trade US tour merch

So they were out of the sizes of the stuff I wanted. I want to buy or trade the following.

Dada Tour Shirt: I have M, I would like to trade for an L or XL.

Hoodie: I have 2XL, I would like to trade for an L or XL

Wristbands: They were sold out, would like to buy up to 2.

If you are selling one of the above also please let me know!
Dir en grey ~ 京 [黒白]

[Translation] Haiiro no Ginka (Kyo's corner 3x) & Kaoru Polaroids


I translated some of Kyo's corners in DIR EN GREY's fanclub magazine Haiiro no Ginka.
Just click the links to see them:

Haiiro no Ginka 02 - Demon? Warumono? (Kyo)
Haiiro no Ginka 14 - I vortex lust GO GO (Kyo)
Haiiro no Ginka 66 - Happiness of nothing, the assembled and neck (Kyo)

Moreover, you can find the translation of some old Kaoru polaroids here.

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