hikarichandawn (hikarichandawn) wrote in dir_en_grey,

DS: sukekiyo ticket Berlin, 20.09. for sale


It is a bit sudden but I have one ticket for sale for the sukekiyo live in Berlin tomorrow, September 20th, as my friend won't make it to the live, unfortunately.
It is a print@home one from paylogic, I could send it by email or could give it to you in front of Columbia Club before the live (which I would prefer, since the email contains two tickets in one file, and I can't send them seperately.).

I'd like to sell it for 35€.

If you're interested, please write me at satoshi.lover@hotmail.com =)

It is a bit sudden but I'd be glad if it didn't go to waste completely =)

I am aware that this is not exactly the community I should post this to, but I figured Dir en grey fans might be interested as well =)

Thanks for reading!
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