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{ R u l e s }

1. Behavior;
We’re not your babysitters and you’re not 5. Be the better (wo)man already.
Check the community first. Then check the memories. Just take a few moments to make sure it isn’t the 46th time we’ve answered a question.
3. Content;
If it doesn’t have to do with Dir en grey, don’t post it. Or don’t be surprise when your post is rejected.
4. Grammar;
You went to school. Please, use that knowledge.
5. LJ-Cuts;
<lj-cut text="…"> It’s that simple. These should be used for things like pictures, fan art, fan fiction, and other things of large and/or questionable nature.
6. Hormones;
Congratulations for thinking that Kyo is OMG teh h0tz0rz!!!11one!!1! We really don’t care that much. Please remember to be mature in the way you conduct yourself.
7. Rumors;
Don’t. They cause far too many problems.
Please keep negative/insulting posts and comments about companies (Japanese and domestic, record or promotion) to a minimum.
9. Pictures;
Almost any official or published Dir en grey images may be posted as long as it is not modified inappropriately. You may scan from photobooks, magazines, or your own fan art.
10. Advertising;
Community advertising should be under an lj-cut and should relate to Dir en grey. Any malicious communities will be ignored.
11. File Sharing;
Do not post, or request, full album or DVD rips. Clips, songs, and PVs are just dandy.

{ M o d e r a t o r s }

Owner; shayneko email: aoikochou @ gmail [dot] com / aim: ShayNeko or Akaikochou
Head Moderator; solikeme email: hotarubi @ gmail [dot] com / aim:lovely obscure
Moderators; kamikyrie email: pandorajinel @ yahoo [dot] com / aim: jessofpal1
hotarubi email: thedozinggreen @ gmail [dot] com / aphoristic verse
kenshinddrfreak email: Kenshinddrfreak @ hotmail [dot] co [dot] jp / Raien Swiftwood

{ L a y o u t }
Thanks to the winner of our layout contest, meitei for the amazing layout!!

{ L i n k s }

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